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Resonance Devices

Voice Programmed Potentiser (VPP) and PC / Software based Radionics Remedy Maker (RRM) are  small sized multi-function Radionic potentisers, homeopathic remedy(ies) copiers, and remedy making equipment. These are respectively based on voice input (VPP) and that you can link to your computer (RRM).

These devices make and copy remedies of Homeopathy, Flowers Essences, Herbs, Gems, Colours and Rates & Frequencies. Also used for affirmations (healing) or healing by illness statements. These easy to use instruments make people alternative health / healing practitioners. These are well recognised by homeopaths, energy / quantum healers, acupuncturist, therapists, flowers essences practitioners, light therapy healers, chiropractors and common users around the world. Resonance devices will address issues that have built up over time, that can be released, allowing you to function at your very best.

These devices employ subtle energy circuits that make any vibrational remedy and combination of remedies. Then those could be put (energised) into a substance e.g; water or globules / tablets etc or transmitted directly to patients for distant (i.e. remote) healing. The output lead with these instruments allows practitioners to give remedies directly to the patients, and to acupuncture points etc.

You’ll feel balanced and alive !